안녕하세요 🙂 유리입니다!
드디어 WordPress의 팔로워가 100명을 돌파했습니다!!! 짝짝짝!!!
그리고 With YooRi의 조회수 수가 21.300회를 넘었네유 ㅜㅜ 헐 정말로 말도 안돼 휴 ㅂ 휴 진짜 대박. 제가 어떻게 이렇게 많은 분들이….휴 ㅜㅜ
진짜 어떻게 이럴 수가 있지…. *0*
너무 감사드리구여 앞으로도 제 블로그포스트 많이 좋아해주셨으면 좋겠어유 휴 ㅂ 휴
여러분 진~~짜 감사합니다!!

Hello everyone!! YooRi here!!
Guess who reached 100 followers here in WordPress?! obviously the one posting this
I also reached over 21,300 views and 11,400 visitors from all around the world!
I never thought I’d reach those numbers, so thank YOU so much! 😀
Active reader, silent reader, whichever you are- I thank you sincerely for being here ^^
Raking up views and followers never was in my book, even until now. Since the beginning of the year, my goal was to be able to post 180-200 blogs by the end of the year.
With that being said, you can expect that I’ll continue posting up reviews on Korean cosmetic products, especially those that are rarely reviewed on.
Despite having university stuff, I will insert this blog in my schedules for it to be continuosly active 🙂

Speaking of university, that leads me to my announcement. I got accepted by universities in 2 different countries. One in East Asia, another in South East Asia. I haven’t chosen yet, though. I don’t know how accessible Korean Cosmetics in both countries are, so… would you guys prefer that I:

– find Korean Cosmetic Online Shops in both countries so I can stick to the K-Beauty theme (I can review the online shops as well)


– explore other countries’ beauty products. With YooRi would then be a general beauty blog, rather than Korean centric 🙂

Let me know about your thoughts down below 😀 I want you readers to have a say on this too 🙂

Lastly before I end this post, would anyone want to do a small post collaboration? 🙂 Any theme would do; beauty, lifestyle, fashion, culture or whatever. Just let me know down in the comments section and we can talk it out 😀

That’s all for now, thank you for reading and once again, thank you for being with me in my blogging life 🙂



21 thoughts on “[LIFE] I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS! THANK YOU + ANNOUNCEMENT + COLLABS ANYONE?? 100명 팔로워 돌파! 유리랑의 감사 블로그 포스트

  1. Great!! congratulation for your 100th follower and also for both universities acceptance. You are doing really Great, Yoo Ri, *two thumbs up*
    I think you can do both, still review for K-theme cosmetic and in general. 😀 whenever you are find interesting because I think you couldn’t just ignore anything about Korean abroad and when you are lack of K-thing you can review about fashion, beauty, cosmetic in general.

    What is this about collaboration? Is it similar to be a guest post or something else? I’m interested in whatever, except fashion, cosmetic, and beauties. 😀

    NOte: I always like the illustration. 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you for the congratulations and for the detailed thoughts, Yuna!! 😀 I actually found that the other countries have a couple of good Korean Cosmetic brands, but no The Saem :^(( But that’s alright lol And collaboration is when we both post the same content at the same time 🙂 Like for example, the culture tag has a set of questions and we both answer it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehehe, that brand which is related to Taemin? Noted that. :))
        Wow, great idea Yoo Ri, we should do it.
        If you want to talk more about it with me you can email me here, maybe we could do brainstorm, kekekeke *am I to serious here?



      2. Yes, please do resend it because I have refreshed my email few times and I couldn’t see your second email while I did receive email from the others.


  2. 축하해요~~~~ I love your korean cosmetics review so please continue with it! But I think it would also be cool to do posts here and there on some new culture makeup products that you really like;)


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