[TRAVEL DIARY] JAPAN APRIL 2016 – PABLO CHEESE TART, OMOTESANDO 여행 다이어리 2016 : 파블로 치즈타르트 오모테산도

Last post for my Japan April 2016 Travel Diaries! The thought of this being the last and the thought of going home made me sadder than I expected- I never was this clingy to Japan, but- Okay, anyway.

For today’s Travel Diaries! Japan’s famous dessert shop: Pablo!


Pablo is popular for their cheese tarts and it’s rated highly in travel sites. So I just had to visit and take a try.

How To Get There:
1. Get to Harajuku station and take the Omotesando exit. You would be across Gap once you’re out.
2. Cross the road and get to Gap’s side of the street.
3. While facing Gap, turn to your right, walk, then turn left at the intersection. You would have South China Guest House at the street at your right.
4. Walk straight and stop by the subway station. Beside the station are stores.
5. Go into the alley between the stores “Tae Gindago” and “Play House”. Just walk down that small road and you’ll have Pablo at your left.

The outside looks like this:


They have menus displayed outside so you can already take note of your order 🙂


There are separate lines for both Take Away and Dine In orders, and they’re both long lol I was lucky enough that the lines weren’t that bad when I went.

I have some photos of the interior as well for you guys to see 🙂

As you enter, you’ll be greeted by the big window that shows their little factory.


Beside the factory would be souvenir areas, eating areas and the counter.



Normal sized tarts are at around ¥780 each, while mini ones are ¥213 (230 with tax). You can also opt to buy boxes of 6.
The photo below shows that 6 Mini Cheese Tarts are at 1.111 (1.200 with tax) while 6 Mini Choco Tarts are at 1.278 (1.380 with tax)


They also sell cakes 🙂 They had a Speing Edition cake that I wanted to try but lol I probably can’t finish it all alone.




The place is comfy and the ambiance is just alright for chilling. Have a seat and do your stuff while enjoying your freshly made tarts~ Photo shown below is one worker preparing freshly-finished products:


It’s actually my first time to eat a tart, and due to excitement… I got the Chocolate Tart instead of the famous Cheese one lol

I got the Mini box of 6 and a drink 🙂


The drink I got is the Chocolate Chip one (¥556. ¥600 if with tax)


Nothing special to the drink. Creamy, yes. Small bits of chocolate chips, yes. Rich flavour, yes. But not so outstanding.

As for the tarts though..


Super yummy!!! It has a perfect crisp at the crust, and very delicate and luscious feel in the inside.


The sweetness of the chocolate is just right. It’s also very moist, and somewhat tastes like a soft brownie. I find it hard to stop nomming after a piece and it’s definitely worth going back for! Heck, I even went back to buy 2 more boxes for my family at home! It’s just perfect. Light, creamy, rich and moist.

Overall, definitely a must try when you’re in Japan. Also a good take home gift for your loved-ones, just put it as your hand-carry. Make sure you also take note of the expiry date (3 days) if you’re taking some home 🙂

That is all for my last Travel Diaries: Japan April 2016 edition, and I hope you had fun just like how I did 🙂 Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “[TRAVEL DIARY] JAPAN APRIL 2016 – PABLO CHEESE TART, OMOTESANDO 여행 다이어리 2016 : 파블로 치즈타르트 오모테산도

  1. Delectable! Glad we’ll have Pablo soon in the Philippines ^_^
    (On the side note, can’t help but be hungry again after seeing your post ; v ; )

    Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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