[LIFE] MY FASHION STYLES 유리의 4월 패션 스타일

Hello hello, here’s to my second post of the day. And nope, it’s not about cosmetics this time! For the first time ever in my 7 months of blogging experience, I am posting about my clothing choices!

I never really put light into my clothing choices because… I don’t really care much about it lol I can go out wearing blah stuff and I’d be fine. Can’t leave the house without putting on sunscreen or a bit of makeup though. So yeah, see the difference lol

I do have a specific style or a wardrobe staple, though! You’ll notice later on hehe

**PS: Some photos are also posted in previous blogposts as they are taken during my Japan trip**

Anyway! So for my first look!


My first Spring look for today is a knit sweater over leather-type leggings paired with chunky-heeled boots.
The knit sweater is from H&M, and it’s actually a turtleneck like seen below:


The leather-type leggings are from H&M as well.
As for the chunky-heeled boots, they’re from a brand called River Island 🙂

Next look: The Japanese Inspired


Just had to dress up like the girls in Harajuku, yanno. Lol kidd, anyway.
So the previous photo shows a school-girl kind of style.
You can see me sporting a full-stripe outfit consisting of a Uniqlo sweater, an H&M plaid skirt, thigh-high striped socks and Adidas Superstar sneakers. To add more to the school girl vibe, I wore a popular leather, Japanese school-type backpack.
The Uniqlo sweater got me hooked to it once I saw it at the stores. The neckline is shaped as a V, and I love V neck sweaters. I have a photo of what the front of the sweater looks like, it’s here below:


Moving on to my third look: The Oversized Leather x Cotton Jacket.


The highlight point for this outfit is the jacket. It’s big and the leather just makes it pop. The entire outfit is toned down by an inner combo consisting of a plain white shirt that is tucked into a pair of washed out, denim jeans.
Weirdly enough, I don’t remember where I got most of the clothes in this outfit from… Garosu? Apgujeong? Gah.

Anyway!! Last outfit!! My most typical outfit! The Hoodie.


Lol if anything, this is like my everyday style when I’m not travelling. School, I’m most likely wearing a hoodie. Going out, I’m most likely wearing a hoodie. Going to dance, I’m most likely wearing a hoodie.
Shown above is an oversized Undefeated hoodie paired with a barely seen black skirt and again, Adidas Superstar. Add in the Adidas cap for an extra touch lol
I just love hoodies so much, I can’t even- During my Japan trip, all of the tops that I bought are hoodies. I’m not even kidding.

So yeah. Basically, you could tell how much I’m into long-sleeved tops. Sweaters and Hoodies are a staple in my wardrobe even if they take up so much space in the closet and laundry. And though my tops are long sleeved, I can adjust and switch styles to make the vibe look cutesy, comfy, or street 😀 I’d say I like street the most, probably because I’m a dancer but heh. Yeah, that’s it for today, thank you for reading! 😀


9 thoughts on “[LIFE] MY FASHION STYLES 유리의 4월 패션 스타일

  1. Here comes the awesomeness. 🙂
    I like the vibe of the first picture, your style matches really well with the cherry blossoms background
    Ah, the hoodie style, kind of old school. And that Adidas Superstar, something I couldn’t afford when I was in junior school to collage and now, I don’t think I can rock that style like you rock it. You rock, girl!!! Like it so much.
    btw, was the picture taken somewhere in Harajuku?


  2. Wait, at first I thought I was subscribed to a beauty blogger but now I’m not so sure anymore cuz guuuuuuuuurlll, your style is seriously on point :P. Totally in love with all of the looks!


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