Hello hello, it’s collaboration time!! Today’s collaboration is with Yuna from Little Orange World. My past collaboration was beauty related, but today, we’ll be answering cultural questions that have been taken from Youtube 🙂 The both of us hope that you’ll enjoy reading through our answers and that you’ll know more about us after 🙂

**Question credits to whoever started the tag**

1. When was the last time you were in Korea?
Oh, you know. A minute ago. A second ago.

2. Name one Korean dish you enjoy the most and why?
Samgyeopsal, always and forever. As unhealthy as it may be, it is so fulfilling, with or without rice.

3. Name one household item that best resembles the Korean culture.
The flat, square chopsticks and the long-handled, shallow spoon. There’s a historical story and symbolic meanings to these utensils, guys.

4. Do you know how to speak Korean? If so, type a phrase or two.
Yes, and I’d let you guys hear it but I don’t know how to insert a voice note here- If you have Kakao Talk, you can enter my Open Chat Room and I could send you a voice note there haha Probably just an 안녕하세요 유리입니다 반가워요 ㅎㅎ

5. Which part of Korea are you from? What’s your most favourable thing from that area?
Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Most favourable thing would be that it’s fairly close to Seoul lol It’s close to concert halls and such. Another thing would be that the area that I live in is urbanized but still quiet and not too busy.

6. Do you live in Korea?
Yes, but soon leaving like mentioned in my past post.

7. What is a stereotype about Koreans?
– “Koreans are mean and disrespectful”
– “Koreans stink because of Kimchi”
– “Koreans are just plain plastic due to surgeries”

8. Do you own a karaoke machine?
Yes haha! It’s in the living room now~

9. Sing your favorite Korean song.
Like what I said earlier, I don’t know how to insert a voice note :(( But I’d be willing to send in voice notes in Kakao of me singing to G-Friend songs haha

10. Have you tried 산낙지?
Nope. Never have, never will. Just nope. Just the thought of something squiggling in my mouth and the idea of suction cups sticking to my gums, ugh, I can’t.
**산낙지 is a raw and live octopus dish**

11. Favourite Korean joke?
I actually have a couple, but for this post, I’ll just say Korean-English puns as a joke so you guys can understand…. hopefully.

– What should do you do if a watermelon sues you?
You 수박 (su-bak/sue back). *Subak is watermelon in Korean*

– What did Brad Pitt say to his wife when they got into bed?
“안졸리나??” (an-jol-li-na/angelina). *An-jol-li-na sounds like you’re asking someone if he isn’t sleepy in Korean.*

…. I can already feel people sighing and face-palming- I apologize.

12. Have you ever been mistaken for another nationality?
A lot. Legit, a lot. People ask if I’m Japanese.

13. Do you eat Paris Baguette on a regular basis?
Nope, I’m more frequent at SM’s Liverary.


14. Are you inseparable from your family?
Nope, I actually like being alone haha Living alone, taking flights alone, exploring a different country alone. I fancy being alone most of the time ^^b

And there we have it~ Those are all the questions for this tag, and I hope you picked up something new from this ^^ Something new like maybe.. terrible Korean puns- Okay, anyway, thank you for reading! ^^b

Questions? Want to collab? Need someone to talk to? Drop it down below in the comments section or
Email: sseonbang@daum.net
Open Kakao: https://open.kakao.com/o/sYafgte



  1. Kekekekeke, well done YooRi, this is so enjoyable to read. I think I got your joke. That’s quite funny tough.
    I’ll answer this tomorrow. It will be up around morning. When I start my office time. 😀
    Samgyeopsal? Wow, I just googled it and it looks so tempting. I’ll try that when I arrive in Seoul.
    I gain new general knowledge, like the area where you live, this is the first time I heard about that and G-Friend. If I had kokoa talk account I’ll ask you sing it. Shall we go to norebang? 😀


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