*This post is not sponsored. Item is bought with my own money and review is done with my own honest thoughts.*

PRICE: ₩5.000

Hello hello! It’s already the end of April, can you believe that?! And hoho, I posted consistently- Let’s wrap up the month with another product review! And yes, it is from The Saem yet again. No regrets

As always, let’s start off with the claims of this product. It claims:
– To make eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer
– To prevent crease
– To prevent eye makeup from being cakey
– To make eyeshadows have vivid colour
– To create an evenly toned eye makeup
– To be non-sticky
– To be creamy in texture for a smooth spread
– To create a thin and transparent coating layer to prevent blurred colours (rather than makeup just sitting on your skin, it lays on the smooth base coat that the primer provides)

Ingredients aren’t stated on the packaging but I found that this contains the following that may be red flags to some:
– PEG 40 Stearate
– Butylated Hydroxytoluene

As for the packaging, it comes in a small plastic tube with a white cap. It’s more convenient and handy compared to the Etude House Proof 10 Primer because this has a shorter lid.


The primer itself has a creamy consistency and is easy to spread onto the lids, like as claimed. I’ve so far only tried Etude House’s Proof 10 primer, and personally I prefer this The Saem primer’s consistency. The two primers are pretty similar, but the application of The Saem’s feels creamier and smoother.

The colour is peachy-flesh but it turns colourless once you’ve patted it onto your skin.



The finish is not sticky at all and it looks very natural as well. It as a slight shine to it at first, but the shine tones down after a few minutes.

The applicator is a wand with a doe-foot tip, like seen below


Performance wise, I swatched this in various ways. First being on the eyes, second being on my forearm.

** Products used:
Benefit’s World Famous Neutrals
The Saem’s Eco Soul Henna Liner

For the eyes, I wore simple eye makeup on both sides but with one lid having no eye primer underneath.

I placed on a base shadow, a darker shadow by the outer corner, and eyeliner.


During application, I noticed how the primer made everything go smoother. Eyeshadow was easier to apply, Eyeliner was easier to glide, and colours showed better as compared to the side with no primer. The unprimed side also looked more like of a matte-makeup since the shimmer didn’t really stick to the lids.
Additional note, the eyeliner that I used is actually one of my faves because of its good pigmentation with or without primer. Through this primer test however, I noticed how 1 glide is still quite translucent compared to 1 glide on a primed lid.

As for the arm, I primed one-half of my arm then proceeded to swatching colours onto my entire forearm.

** The first four in the middle are cream shadows while the rest are powder.


You can see how primed ones have a more solid pay-off compared to the plain ones. The plain ones look pretty dull alone. The primed ones also went onto my arm smoother than how the other half did.

I also swatched eyeliner onto my arm and this is how it turned out:


Longevity wise, this primer did pretty good. Considering how I have oily lids, this primer got my eye-makeup lasting from day to night budge-free. Primed shadow didn’t crease, while unprimed ones (cream ones especially) cracked and caked. For 8 hours, my primed eyeshadows remained the same.
I also noticed a difference in eyeliner longevity. Without primer, the tip of my wing would crumble down easily in the middle of the day. With primer, my eyeliner stays on completely even until the time I get home at night.

Overall, this is a good catch! This $5 primer works well with all the eye makeup that I use and the products stay on for long. Its claims are tried and tested, and I approve. This is a thumbs up for me, and I’m hoping it would be the same for you when you get the chance to try this out 🙂

That’s all for today and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂


7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] THE SAEM SAEMMUL EYE PRIMER 더샘 샘물 아이 프라이머

    1. They’re like twins but I do see myself settling for this more often and once I run out 🙂 The content of this is less than Etude’s by 4 grams, but a little goes a long way because of how creamy it is, so it would last just as long 🙂

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