[LIFE] EMPTIES POST #2 다 쓴 제품 공병 2회

Hello hello to everybody reading on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! I’m here today with my second empties post and as always, it will be centered around Korean products.

I’ll include a little review on the products, but if you have any further questions about them, you can leave it down below and I’ll get to it 🙂 I can also consider doing full reviews on them especially since I see myself repurchasing most of them 🙂

Let’s start!


1. It’s Skin Power 10 VB Effector


Being a person with oily skin myself, I am always in the search for products that would help sebum and oil regulation. This product happened to be recommended to me and thank the heavens I took the advice. I inserted this watery effector into my skin care earlier this year, and I could already see how my pores did shrink.  My oil production was toned down as well, and my skin definitely cleared up. This just works real well with my skin, so this item is a total repurchase for me.

2. It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector


I had high hopes for this product especially since VB worked well and since the hype about this is insane, but my personal experience with this wasn’t anything special. I haven’t noticed any difference on my acne scars, to be honest. The most I got was soft skin. This contains Vitamin C and Green Tea, so I was really excited on how clearing this could get. Too bad it didn’t work out for me. I also don’t like how the consistency of this is thicker than VB’s, so yeah, this isn’t something I would purchase again.

3. The Saem Cooling Mojito Water Mist


The next three items are actually in my The Saem Recommendations list, and now they’re here in my Empties huhu
This water mist smells and feels very refreshing. The citrus scent is pleasing in my opinion, and the way this doesn’t give an oily finish is just amazing (coughs The Face Shop’s mist makes me look terribly oily). This didn’t get me breaking out too, so that’s a plus! Now that I’m out of mists, this specific one would be the next familiar item in my cart.

4. The Saem Eco Earth Waterproof Sunblock


This actually isn’t that bad, other than the fact that the consistency is too runny, thus making application get pretty messy.

5. The Saem Any Perfume in Cotton Baby


Favourite and probably my signature scent hehe

6. A-pieu Non Co Acne Patch


This also works well for me but I have a couple of new COSRX ones to try out next, so I probably won’t have to repurchase any new A-pieu ones soon.

Those are all of the items that I’ve emptied so far for the months of March and April. I’ve reviewed some of the items on the list, but if need deeper thoughts on the skincare items, just tell me down below and I’ll share my review as soon as possible 🙂 That’s all for today and as always, thanks for reading ♡


3 thoughts on “[LIFE] EMPTIES POST #2 다 쓴 제품 공병 2회

  1. I’ve heard about to It’s Skin effectors before! But for clearing up/brightening acne scars I heard that the blue one (LI? the one with licorice extract) was good? I don’t know if it totally cleared up scars but it lightened the scars a bit. I remember reading a few rave reviews a couple years ago~

    I’m looking for a new suncream but it feels like it’s hard to find a good one sighs. The any perfume spray looks so cute, they also have a peach blossom one right? Since we don’t have kbeauty here I have to order it online and I’m thorn between if I should order the Cotton baby one or the Peach blossom one… @_@


    1. A lot of the skin effectors are rated like 4 stars out of 5, so I really want to try the others and I probably would sooner or later ^^ I also got a new sunblock from Aritaum, I have yet to test it out for a week to make a post on it but it seems good basing on reviews ^^As for the perfume spray, I haven’t tried the Peach Blossom personally, but my friend has and she gives it 5 stars ^^


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