Hello hello to you! After so long, I am back with an article for my Try In Seoul series! It has been months since my last one! If you’re a new follower, hi hi- here’s a fun fact for you: I started up this blog with posts and intentions of introducing Korean Makeup and Hangout places. However, along the way, makeup reviews and travel diaries overtook my Try In Seoul series. Also, I never really spotted anything new or interesting in the Seoul area since my last post.

Quite sadly, this article would be my last Try In Seoul post for the mean time. I’m moving out of Korea to study. I’m not sad about leaving, but I am quite sad that I’d be putting my first ever series to an end. I had fun posting up this series though! And what better way to say goodbye to both Korea and this series than with food, right? So that’s just what we’re doing today!

Heading over to Sodam at Wangsimni!


How To Get There: Get off at Wangsimni station, use Exit 1 and walk straight. By the third block, at your side will be a Paris Baguette seated at a corner street. Enter the street infront of Paris Baguette and just walk forward until you spot Sodam.

Now Sodam’s menu isn’t exactly the budget-friendliest, but the quality is fairly matched up to it. Also, if you’re not into paying high prices for a cook-by-yourself kind of restaurant, then this definitely is not for you.
For a medium sized group, you can order a set meal which contains different kinds of meat for ₩65.000. This set meal is worth 400 grams.
If your group is of a larger scale, you can go for the 550 gram set which is worth ₩82.000.
Both sets contain chuck tender, sirloin, ribeye, chuck flap tail, top blades, neck chain and brisket.

If those two are too much, then you can settle for the 200 gram one which is priced at ₩40.000. This contains lesser meat, having only neck chains and top blades.

Buying meats individually rather than by set would cost you around ₩38.000 to ₩42.000 for 200 grams.

Soju is quite high at ₩4.000 but hohoho that won’t stop me-


In all honesty, I don’t have much photos because
1. I got too caught in the moment of being with my friends a last time
2. I arrived late, and I was so so hungry once I got there
3. My friends had already started ahead of my arrival (how sad)(but then again, I arrived 20 minutes late)

If anything, I drank and talked more than I ate lol It’s been a while since we hung out, and it will be some time again since I’m leaving, so we did all the catching up that we can do. Despite the long chats, we ended up finishing a set all by ourselves haha What is diet at this rate


Official healthy diet starts tomorrow!!!! Hopefully

Oh!! Another thing to mention is!! I tested out the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit while eating out tonight, and the longevity is amaaaazing. Drying on the lips as expected, but the look and wear-time just makes me want to buy more grr Review post, anyone? ;D

But anyway. I apologize for a lacking post and I will make up for it sometime soon. I’ll do better on future posts, I swear 휴 ㅂ 휴 As for today, I only have memories of chatting and limited photos, so I can’t make much of a heavy post 휴 ㅅ 휴

In the next days, I have reviews and more life posts coming up for you guys, so do stay tuned if you’re interested 😀 As always, thank you for reading, and that’s all for tonight 🙂


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