Yep, you read that right.

So as you might have read from my past post, yes, I am leaving South Korea for quite some time. I am going to another country completely different from South Korea, and I’m going to start studying there. I don’t know how I’ll do, but knowing that I already have a friend in the same university, that makes me a feel a bit better. I’ve been believing that moving out of Korea would save me from the heavy load on my shoulders, but as I reflected on, I thought of how tremendously (?? maybe ??) missing Korea might eventually drag me down too. However, what exactly about Korea would I miss? I listed down some stuff that I’d miss, though hopefully I can find a good alternative in the other country.

1. Transportation
Basing on experiences and blogs, Philippines isn’t very good with public transportation. When in Korea, I can take the bus and subway anytime, that wouldn’t be a pain in the pocket as well. But for the Philippines, I probably would end up taking cabs for longer distance travels. But for university, heh, I can walk my way as far as I was informed.

2. Safety
Philippines can be a scary place, the same goes for Korea though. Especially with being a foreigner, who knows what can happen in the streets of Manila? But then again, where ever you are, danger can arise and all you gotta do is be alert and knowledgeable of your surroundings.

3. Food
Aunthentic Korean food would probably pricey and be hard to find in the Philippines. Heck, I won’t even get to have my aunt’s 닭갈비 anymore. The Philippines has a franchise of Korean restaurants, but they still probably won’t taste the same.

4. Comfort places
In Korea, I’ve found a comfort place that I go to every after class hours. I go to SM’s Artium since it’s not far from class and it’s pretty close to home. Philippines has loads of cafes as well, and they’re usually packed with people, so I’m hoping to find a good place near university.

5. Accessibility of Korean Makeup
This is a Korean-centric blog, and I’ll try to keep it that way as much as I could. Maybe I could insert a couple of foreign brands every now and then, but Korean products would still be the prominent ones. I asked Andy from ShimmerJJang what Korean brands are physically available, and she mentioned a good amount. So with that, I guess you’d be seeing more Tony Moly, Skinfood, The Face Shop and Laneige rather than The Saem 😉

All of those listed above are lighter and more shallow as compared to the real reasons on why I’m leaving Korea, meaning those five would most likely not make me get to the point of wanting to leave a country again. I’m sure I’d get to adjust in such a diverse place and I’m sure Philippines has alternatives to present. I’ll post up experiences and stuff to try out in the Philippines as much as I could, so do stay tuned for that if you’re interested on going on a journey with me.

I’d miss some stuff that Korea has to offer, but I’ll try to grow on my own and say goodbye for now. I’ll come back at times for a short period to spend time with my family, but I need me some healing time before maybe completely settling in Korea again. It’s time to step out of my box to explore a new world that’s there to help me open my mind, and I am pretty confident that the Philippines got me on that.

That’s all for today, and as always, thank you for reading.

** I’m not sure if I’ll have internet, but once I do, I have completed reviews ready to be posted up so no worries, I’ll do my best to be active. Also, I’ll be coming up with a Foreigner Tries series for my stay in the Philippines as a foreigner, keep watch if you’re interested 🙂 **


6 thoughts on “[LIFE] GOODBYE KOREA 대한민국 안녕..

  1. Welcome to the Philippines! My country could be scary at times, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to adjust as people here are really friendly 🙂 The transportation system here is rather problematic (we Filipinos are highly inconvenienced by it) ;_; but people are working to make it better, of course. 😀 If you want, I’ll be glad to show you around. About the food, there are lots of Korean restaurants here, and I think lots of them are authentic – some of their chefs are Korean 😀 Maybe you’ll bump into Koreans here as well more often than expected, there are so many Koreans here in Manila, as well as in other provinces 😀

    Have fun and please do not hesitate to ask any questions of you have! ^_^


      1. Omg nice! That’s great! It’s really hot in the Philippines right now, noh? Quite sad that some of your friends are heading home, but you’ll definitely gain more friends in the near future 🙂 Hope you enjoy your stay here and let me know if you’d like to take up my offer any time ^_^


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