I’ve moved out of Korea and a new chapter of my life is ready to be discovered. So I figured, new life, how about have a new blog theme as well to go with that? The blog reflects my life anyway.. Hm.

New blog theme it is! Presenting With Yoori’s new look!


I tweaked the Scratchpad theme a bit for it to fit my personal taste 🙂

If you look closer, the background is actually mint green because I’m SHINee trash and that’s the closest colour


Why Scratchpad in the first place?

Well.. If you scroll through my page, you’ll notice how there are work supplies scattered around. There are clips, pens, sharpeners, photo notes, and just pieces of paper.


It pretty much looks like my work desk back at home!

Another reason why I chose a work desk theme is because I’m constantly working to improve this blog. Everything about this blog is a work in progress, and I’m hoping you’d stick by and maybe help me improve ^^)b Little comments mean a lot, just saying haha

Anyway, that’s all for my little theme announcement 🙂 Feel free to explore around to see some bits and features 🙂

Oh and, I have a skincare review ready to be posted. I’ll put it up later on when I have decent and stable internet connection 🙂 It contains more photos than this post, so I’m not quite sure if my connection now would get to manage huhu But yep, I’ll see you later and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂


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