Hello hello to you! We’re already half way past the month of May, can you believe that?! Time flies away so fast, and so does my money-

hahahuhu Anyway! I’ve bought a couple of items the past months and some definitely turned into favourites. For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you guys my favourites: from skincare, to accessories, to even music 🙂 Read on if you’re interested on what I’ve been liking 😀


CosRX Blackhead Power Liquid


I went on a CosRX haul around late April because I was running out of skincare products and, well, the safest brand to go to (or is it just me) for skincare is CosRX. I haven’t tried a lot of products from them but the rave reviews are just wow.I barely saw negative ones, so I just had to pick up some of the Best Sellers. This Blackhead Power Liquid is one of them and yep, just like what I’ve read, this is a good product. Works so well with my oily skin and my skin condition improved! Personal review post about this and the following CosRX items will be up soon! 🙂

CosRX Centella Blemish Ampoule


In all honesty, this got my attention because of the word “blemish” lol I used to have small pimples pop up one after another occasionally, but oh my heavens, my skin has been legitimately clear recently. No break outs at all like whOA dream come true ??????? My very last breakout didn’t last as long as usual also! I use this the most (morning and night) among all 3 CosRX products that I own, so I guess we can say that this did most of the work hehe

Missha x Line Friends Magic Cushion


I just can’t seem to detach myself from this cushion omg haha. I’ve done a review on this and there I mentioned how this works for me ^^b
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit


I honestly don’t even remember what got into my mind that it got me ordering this omg I got this in Candy K and depite it not having a good moisture power, I am in love with the colour and longevity. I know I’m prone to dry lips to begin with and that I’m picky once it comes to a product’s moisturization power but grrr the colour and wear-time of this thoughhhh. I might be ordering more, and I’m thinking of posting up a review on these. Should I? Hmm.

Tiny Tea 14-Day Detox


Probably another thing that contributed to making my skin get better because this does internal cleansing. I also lost some of my tummy with the help of this so !!! that’s nice hehe Anybody here want me to post a review on this despite it not being Korean? 😀

Dragon Fruits


Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and various b vitamins, this fruit not only cleanses, but also boosts metabolism. I love how the taste isn’t so strong despite its appearance. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t actually have a taste haha I was scared to try this at first, but it became one of my fave fruit snacks 🙂 If you’re going to try this, eat with moderation because this contains fructose 🙂

Line Friends Items


If you’ve seen my Japan Travel Diary series, then you probably already know that I went to the Line Store and picked some stuff up. I don’t know why but ??? I suddenly got so ??? attached ?? To Line Characters ?? Like why ?!?!??? they’re cute
Shown in the photo are some of the stuff that I picked up from the Line Friends stores in both Korea and Japan.

Baseball Caps


I’ve been into caps for years now but I was more of a snapback person back then. Now, I prefer a baseball cap’s curved bills rather than a snapback’s flat bill. My favourite baseball caps are as shown above, Adidas’ and Under Armour’s 🙂

Listed below are songs from both 2015 and early 2016, but I only started listening to all of them at like.. February lol These are the songs I find myself jamming (singing and dancing because I am a professional bedroom performer what) to a lot haha

Gfriend: Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough
They’re so ?? cute ?? and talented !?!??

Twice: Like Ooh Ahh
I don’t know Twice to be honest and I haven’t even watched the music video of this, I just heard the song and got hooked

Produce 101: Crush, Fingertips, Yum-Yum
Didn’t even watch a single episode of the show either, but I saw some performance cuts in Youtube. The three songs happened to be the catchiest to me and I just ended up downloading them haha

Taemin: Press It album
A good music list must contain Taemin somewhere lol one-half joke But yeah, if you’re a kpop fan and you’ve been following me, you know how much I’m into Taemin. I love the entire new album like legit, special shout out to Press Your Number, Drip Drop, Soldier and Hypnosis though!

Or more like explicit music lol These are the songs that I find myself dancing/making choreographies to, so I really do like them and listen to them a lot hehe But like I mentioned, most are quite explicit, so please listen with caution.
Fifth Harmony: Work From Home, The Life, Write On Me
Zayn: Pillowtalk, TiO
Beyonce: 7/11
The Weeknd: The Hills
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello: I Know What You Did Last Summer
Hailee Steinfeld: Love Myself
Selena Gomez: Hands to Myself

Aaand, that is all I have for my list 😀 Reviews on skincare products will be up soon, so watch out for that ^^ Also, do let me know down below your own recent favourite or if we happen to share a same favourite 😀 I’d love to hear from you guys! 😀 Leave it down below and I’ll talk to you all again soon~


25 thoughts on “[LIFE] RECENT FAVOURITES 요즘 좋아하는 것들

  1. Awesome awesome post Yoo ri! 😉 Yesss do a review for the kylie lip kit puhlezzz!! Line friends are so cuutee eh.
    I am so excited as well as my missha line cushion (Thanks to your sound advise) and Cosrx Bha are on its way to me..out there somewhere in the post~ cant wait!


  2. i’ve wanted to try the blackhead power liquid from cosrx for a while now since i’ve also read so many great reviews about this… i have the snail mucin power essence from them and it’s good~ it’s helped me a lot with acne marks and my breakouts don’t last as long hehehe guess who’s going to do a cosrx haul soon hahaha

    the line characters are so cute >< it feels like many korean brands are doing collabs nowadays haha it makes me wanna buy everything… holika holika just released a collab with gudetama the other day and the packaging is too cute @_@

    you're probably the biggest taemint i've ever seen 😉 twice just released a new song and its catchy too! it's called 'cheer up' if you want to check it out~


    1. aaaaahhhh i actually really want to try the snail essence since someone recommended it to me :^( i have yet to find a reliable way to buy cosrx in the philippines but once i do, i’ll get that snail essence in my hands :^)) i’ll try to get my hands on the gudetama stuff too because that egg is my spirit animal hahahaha i was actually talking about that collab with a follower a while ago, it’s cool how it’s brought up again hahah but the price thoughhh. ₩22.000 for a roadshop cushion huhu wth i’d rather go buy stuff at the saem for shinee freebies kyahahah 😻


      1. since we don’t have kbeauty here i buy online~~ testerkorea.com and jolse.com are two popular sites i usually buy from. TK has regular sales/discounted prices and jolse has free shipping~ (sites like w2beauty, ibuybeauti, cosmetic-love, roseroseshop etc are also very popular) just a tip in case some products aren’t available in philippines or are more expensive there

        ikr :-(( but atleast there seems to be a refill included i guess… and the case is cute…. o<-<

        ur so lucky sighssss i mean the shinee freebies part haha since i order products online they usually only send product samples and not the shinee freebies 😦 hmmmm i had to buy the shinee sheet masks lol even though you probably get them for free… the owner of w2beauty, alice, is known for being very friendly and giving a lot of samples apparently (sometimes even like full sized products and accessories?? as in like pouches/purses or like earrings and hair accessories… thats rly cool) although i guess that depends on how much you buy… but maybe i can do a big the saem haul on their site and ask if she can include shinee freebies idk ((since she personally goes and buys stuff at the stores)) i've never bought from her before bcs the products are a lil bit more expensive than on TK or jolse (since some of the shipping cost is included in the price and i guess also bcs she personally buys each item) but a lot of intl kbeauty bloggers rave about her site bcs of the amount of samples lol… shinee makes my wallet empTY…… oh wow im rambling oops ^^;;)


      2. i’ve heard about those sites a lot, and they all seem really good- but the thing that i’m scared of is philippine custom tax charges haha im a loser :^(( i’ve looked up about having stuff sent to the philippines, and all the custom tax stories are scaring me :^(( i might give foreign online shopping a try like.. once or twice, then see how everything would turn out heh maybe a beauty-product attempt and a shinee-product attempt, who knows :^)) especially now that a ton of cute taemin merchandise are popping out wooooh there goes my money 💸💸 as for the shinee freebies, you rly should ask her if you can have them if she gets some cause.. who knows, she might not be a shinee fan and who knows where the freebies would go 😢💔

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Yoo Ri awesome post as per usual. I love that Cosrx blackhead power liquid. I tried the Snail essence and it was amazing. Seriously Cosrx is growing to be my favourite so far. You made me totally wanna go buy that centella blemish ampoule haha


  4. ahhh do they charge customs fee for all packages?? that’d be quite hard o_o i know some countries only charge if it’s certain stuff (like electronics and heavy stuff etc) and some also only charge if the value of the package is over a certain amount… because most of the shops i linked you mark down the price on the label/sticker (on the package) so that they won’t charge a fee hehehe

    yes i saw that sjklsjklds also that many people are speculating that he’ll debut in japan now too so i’m just like…. do i look like i fart $$$$ o<-<


    1. I’m not entirely sure, others say there really is a charge even for simple items, others say charge only comes up if your package value is $50 and above 😖 I’ve read somewhere that she bought a two-piece bikini and got charged nearly $100 😖 Looks like I’ll be settling with local sellers but I guess that’s better 😧

      haha he should just go rest first, he can let shinee cat promote while he rests 😌


      1. ah… customs fee is really scary lol…. @_@ i guess you could do that, hopefully there’s not much difference in price for kbeauty in philippines compared to korea~~

        you reply quite fast hehehe even though it seems to be very early there now 😉 the SHINyan cats are so cute omG…. (didn’t you have a cat before btw??) its kind of fun and unique that they decided to do that hahaha… imagine taemnyan dancing to danger… ahahhaha


      2. it’s 3.47 in the morning and guess who isn’t going to sleep yet hahahah and yes, my cats are now with my aunt 😢 though they’re moving to another province in korea because of her husband sobs i hope my cats will be fine in transport 😢 if they end up okay, i’ll file them for audition to be shinyan’s stylists, my cats are good at licking hair 😌 hahaha shinyan’s really cute though and i’m surprised someone came up with that concept 😌 i need videos of them dancing to every song shinee has performed, preferably with matching outfits too


      3. omg your cats should definitely audition hehehehe 😉 awh i’m sure everything will be fine~
        i heard that there’s a cat version of kimi no seide and that it’s arranged in a way that’d be appealing to cats… you should let your aunt film a reaction video of your cats reacting to shinyan maybe uwu

        yeS i hope they continue the shinyan project!! so that it’s not only for kimi no seide promos… even key was surprised hahaha i guess it wasn’t something shinee came up with kkkkk


      4. i honestly thought it was fanmade too, cause it looked like it was made for fun 😅 but the production is actually good, and to think that they even made it to appeal to cats just shows how much thinking was placed into it 😂 i got a lot of street cats near by, i wonder if they’d all be attached to me if i play shinyan’s mv hmmm


    2. qiuuuu >:cc hahaha but it’d be fun if you did– no pressure tho–
      hMmmMm im so sad huehue i just checked diff shops and it seems like the gudetama line is sold out everywhere/the shop hasnt rly stocked up on the items yet 😢 😤 thats the con with internet shopping i guess hahaha it was like this too when missha just released their line collab so i guess i should wait patiently @_@


      1. grrr i want the lip button tint thing and the cushion aaaaahhh i should try finding sellers already 😢 there’s a holika holika shop here but I doubt they’d release the gudetama items at the same time sigh


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