Hello hello to you! I have something quite different today for you guys! Rather than something beauty related, this post will be technology related 😀

So yep. I got a new phone yesterday from Abenson, one of the biggest electronic stores in the Philippines. Their phones happened to be on sale, so I thought, hey this would be a good birthday gift for myself! I asked if they had a gold s7 edge, and they did have it for PHP39,990 (approx ₩1,000,000 or $800). They had an installment payment system that allows you to pay PHP3,332.5 (approx ₩86,000 or $70) each month, for a total of 12 months. It was a bit cheaper than when I saw it in a solo Samsung store, so I took the chance and bought one.

I got the Galaxy S7 Edge in Gold Platinum


The box has changed its look yet again, being black with metallic details unlike my past Note 4 that came in a brown box.

The back of the box had the details like so:


At first I was like whOA DUAL PIXEL but ??? 12MP ???? Are you serious ??? I went from a Note 4’s 16MP to a S7’s 12MP ???? Really ???? But then again, the dual pixel camera and the 5MP front camera made up for it. If you aren’t aware of what a dual pixel is, it’s a sensor seen in DSLR cameras.

Upon opening the box, you’ll get:


– The phone (not in photo)
– Metal pick (to open the sim/SD card slot)
– Samsung Concierge Card
– Earphones
– USB Connector (to transfer files from one device to another)
– Adaptive Fast Charger (not in photo)
– Warranty Card
– Guide instructions

The adaptive fast charger is like the past fast chargers. It will get to charge the s7 edge’s 3,600MAH battery in about 80 minutes. As for the usage time, for me, it reaches the 11-hour mark before I charge again.

The phone itself is sleek and slim. It has a beautiful gold glass finish to it while the sides are coloured gray.

Phone with transparent casing



Like mentioned on the back of the phone, this s7 edge that I have is dual sim. I can place 2 sim cards or 1 sim and 1 SD card. There are also details printed underneath the “Duos” sign, but they are very light and are barely seen in photos.

The sim card slot is at the top of the phone. Poke through the hole and you’ll get a tray. I chose to put 2 sim cards instead since I have my original one and a free sim card that came with the phone.


It doesn’t look that different from the s6 but there are some improvements to it.

Like recent models, you can also change the theme of the phone.



Should you need a user manual, you can access it at the Settings.


Now as for the camera, this is where I see the difference from my Note 4.

Like mentioned earlier, this has a 12MP main camera. The 12MP photo is used only on a 4:3 image, unlike in the Note 4 which gives the highest quality in a full 16:9 screen.


You can also put filters on the photos while taking them, or even use a beautifying effect for a (scarily) flawless face.

Other options for the main camera are the following:


The pro feature adds some detail buttons at the side that you can adjust to your liking. Tweak stuff a bit and you’d get your perfect photo 🙂


The S7 Edge also apppears better in low light situations. Shown below are photo comparisons between the Note 4 and S7 Edge.

Note 4’s 16MP 16:9


S7 Edge’s 12MP 4:3


As for a more lighted area, here is another set of a photo conparison.

Note 4


S7 Edge


In regards to the screen and phone size, the S7 edge is slightly smaller than the Note 4. While the Note 4 boasts a 5.7 inch screen, the S7 edge goes with a 5.5 inch. The S7 Edge also features 4GB worth of RAM, 32GB worth of internal storage, 8-Core Qualcomm 820 processor and a fingerprint scanner. Yep, I’m leaving the finger swiping to the Note 4. The S7 Edge now just requires you to put your finger over the home button.

The edge screen, like past ones, can be edited. It shows notifications and some apps, so you can customize it to fit your needs.


And finally, the water-resistant feature. I haven’t tried this personally, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on this. I heard stories where their speaker screwed up after being submerged, or where input is difficult while submerged, but I also read some that said how their phone ended up normally after being in water. With proper use and if you follow the allowable time for this to be in water, I’m sure the phone would be fine.

Overall, this phone sure is promising. I think with more time, I’ll be able to enjoy and use the phone to its full potential, so heh let me just get a hang of this. The biggest con for me though, would be that the battery isn’t replaceable. I’ve changed my Note 4’s battery twice already, and sadly I can’t do that to my S7 edge. Oh well, seems like I’ll have to take extra extra extra care of the s7 edge’s battery then haha

Anyway. That’s all I have for today and I hope you liked this 🙂 As always, thank you for reading ❤


4 thoughts on “[LIFE] UNBOXING THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE 삼성 갤럭시 s7 엣지 언박싱

  1. Beautiful phone! I have the s6 and love it! I used to be an iphone user but switched to samsung about 3 years ago. I just hate how I don’t have a SD card slot for my s6!


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