*EDIT: Video link now up for external viewing*

Hello hello, everyone!! Sorry I’ve been away for quite a while, but I’m back now with another life post! I’ll try to get my reviews up soon so look out for that as well 🙂 For today, I’ll be showcasing another passion of mine. Other than makeup, I also love dancing.

I believe I’ve shared about this passion before, but if you’re new- then hello, yes, dancing is something I do frequently 🙂

I’ve already moved to another country, but ofcourse, I didn’t leave my passion for dancing behind. Once in Manila, I went on to search for a studio that I can use. I ended up choosing a studio in Centro Estetico, Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

The place itself is actually a spa and derma, but they have a studio at the third floor that can be used for dancing and yoga exercises.

The studio is as shown below:




It’s fairly big, plus it’s airconditioned.


They also provide music equipment, but I suggest bringing your music in a cd instead. Should you want to take a shower after your dance session, they do allow the usage of their bathroom. All those perks are for PHP800 an hour.

I danced to Twice’s Cheer Up yesterday. It’s not exactly my style but a friend of mine requested for me to do it haha I only learned it earlier in the morning then proceeded to record it in the afternoon. I have a short clip up in Instagram which I will link here, and my dance isn’t perfect (I apologize for the mistakes ㅠㅠ) but lol I’m kinda cool with that and I guess it’s good enough for a same-day learning kind of thing. And yep, as you can see in the video, I went blonde! 😀

It’s a really cheerful dance that gets you to work out your body, if you noticed. Like the song itself, it’s actually pretty fun 😀

So yep, that’s all I have for this post 🙂 If you’re in Manila and you’re in search for a dance center or even a spa/derma clinic, this one’s at Timog and I swear, once you enter, the aura is just so relaxing hehe ❤


8 thoughts on “[LIFE] DANCING IN MANILA 마닐라 연습실

  1. Nice to hear news from you YooRi,
    Good luck for your new life there. So if its Manila, we might meet someday since it has been on my bucket list. Btw, I forget to reply your latest email and I just went back from my South Korea holidays. 😀 😀
    And…like your new blog’s appearance.
    Cheers. 🙂


      1. It was great. I still hardly move on. Neeee~~~~~, I had the best holiday there, even though I didn’t visit many tourist spots. 😀


  2. you should post more dance covers like these! @_@ hehehe its so nice to watch. im glad you can continue with your passion~~

    happy birthday by the way ♡♡ i hope you’ll have a great day hehe


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