Hello hello everyone! Long time no post! I’ve got a lot on my plate recently, but I finally got to make some time to get back on here for a review 🙂

This is actually my first sponsored review on this blog so I’m very delighted and I feel very honoured to be working with Qlippie. Also, a little disclaimer, though post is sponsored by Qlippie, all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way 🙂 This post is going to be pretty long, so let’s get started 😀

So like mentioned in the title, this device is actually a clip-on camera. You’ll see how it is like below, but before that, let’s go in detail with the product packaging.

To my surprise, Qlippie Philippines sent me a couple of boxes of products. One contained the camera itself, while another box contained the waterproof casing. Shown below are the products that they gave:

And yes, it did come along with a tripod that you can mount your camera on to. The small box at the lower right holds a wristband that you can attach to your camera so that you won’t drop it so easily.

In the first box, it contained a tin can that holds the camera and a tiny box with the wrist band.

Once you open the tin can, you’ll be greeted by these items: A user manual, decorative stickers, usb cable and ofcourse, the camera.

The decorative stickers packet comes with 13 different designs for you to choose from and use to customize your camera’s exteriors. It has a plastic-y finish to it, so don’t worry much about it when it gets wet 🙂 The thing is, though, the designs are quite targetted on the feminine side. So if you’re a guy, then I’m guessing these stickers will most likely not suite your taste haha

I already used one of the stickers and my camera turned out like this:

It looks like a toy at this rate, but the feel of the camera itself doesn’t actually seem cheap at all.

The usb cable shown earlier is for charging your device, and the user manual is just a strip of paper that shows basic instructions, which I will explain later on.

Moving on to the main item- the camera.

The camera itself is so tiny that it fits right into my palm.

Qlippie Camera with an aluminum clip at the back.

With measurements that boast a 48 x 19.6mm body size and 45g body weight, it is no doubt that this camera is compact and easy to bring around. Despite being small in exteriors, the internal memory is a whopping 32gb. Same as my S7!!

It may be tiny enough for you to keep in your hands, but it would still be pretty obvious if you clip this onto you as you explore. Ofcourse people would still look at you like- “What is that thing clipped onto you?” Just tell them it’s a camera and they’d be pretty damn amazed, I’m telling you haha!

Anyway, to turn the camera on, just press the upper button at the side.

Once you turn it on, a circle at the top of the device would light up.

It shows an orange light, meaning it’s connected as a wifi device and you can link it to you Qlippie phone app to view content, save them, use the phone as a remote or even host a livestream that you can link to your online accounts!

To switch to video or photo mode, simply press the lower button. A red light would flash if you’re in video mode, while a green light would flash for photo mode.

Once you’re in your desired shooting mode, just press the lighted circle button and you’re ready to shoot your 8MP stills or 1080p videos.

As for the quality, I didn’t set my expectations up so high. Knowing that my phone has a higher MP power, I ofcourse already had the thoughts that this device won’t fully replace my phone camera’s duties.

Photo wise, I noticed how it worked a lot better in well-lit places. It doesn’t work so well in low light situations, so this won’t really be a very good night cam. The photos are okay but they show quite some noise and the sharpness is pretty scattered. Shown below are photos that I took with Qlippie:

Another thing is that you need to be steady in taking photos. It gets blurry and distorted if you or your subject aren’t steady. To take better photos, I recommend you steady the camera for about two to three seconds before shooting.

Video wise, the quality is pretty good in lighted environments but it gets a bit laggy if movement is too fast. Slow-motion videos are also reduced to a 720P quality, sadly. The audio is fairly decent, though, since this does have two microphones at the side.

I have a video shot with Qlippie, but WordPress won’t let me upload videos unless I upgrade 😤 Anyway. Like what I said earlier, results are of better quality when the camera is steady.

You can get the camera to be extra steady with the help of a tripod. Qlippie gave me a tripod to use the camera with, but you have to attach a mounting pad first before you can attach the camera to the tripod.

You can also attach it to monopods for when you travel around or when you go underwater! When going underwater, don’t forget to put the camera in its waterproof casing so you can have a stress-free shooting for up to 15m below sea level! 🙂

The casing may look flimsy, but it does its job and the lock does latch securely.

Overall, this camera is best for capturing hand-free and unexpected moments. With this clipped on, this camera will be able to capture personal experiences first hand. Who knows, right? You can have this clipped on as you walk down in a foreign country and you might just have a footage of you meeting new people! You can export your data, watch it on your phone, and relive the moments. The quality isn’t the best and it takes some time to get a hang of the camera, but it does do the job of recording easily while you enjoy yourself. If you were to ask me, I’d probably use this during travels and maybe even during concerts (lol breaking concert rules what kind of bad ass is this). Should you want one for yourself, message me down below or email me at sseonbang@daum.net 🙂 You can also reach Qlippie through their Facebook page, which is Qlippie Distributor Philippines. Tell them YooRi referred you and you might just get a treat 😉


2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] QLIPPIE CLIP ON CAMERA 클리피 클립온 카메라

  1. Oh my J, welcome back Yoori!
    Nice to see your post again and congratulation on your first sponsored review. You deserve it. Your review is always clear and neat! easy to follow. 🙂
    btw, the sticker packets are lovely.Like the color and patterns.
    Cheers always on the other side of the world! 🙂 ❤


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